Our Dear President,

The votes   that Nigerians gave to you during the just concluded election cut across political, ethnic, religious and socio-cultural boundaries. This was done absolutely on trust that Nigerians believe you are honest, sincere and will undoubtedly lead this country to the expected Promised Land.

Therefore, it is incumbent on you to meticulously and prayerfully choose your cabinet members basing your choice completely on merit, proficiency, and performance. One of the greatest leadership quagmires, disaster and logjam that have believed this country has been the case of giving appointive positions to party loyalists in order to compensate them for their loyalty instead of appointing people who can perform irrespective of party affiliation.

Our dear president, you have no justifiable reason why you will not deliver this time around. Whereas nothing is implicitly wrong in rewarding party loyalists, but let it not be with the destiny and lives of Nigerians who have suffered more than enough even in the midst of abundant natural and human resources.

Borrowing a leaf from Prof. Attahiru Jega, the INEC boss, who appointed renown professors who cannot afford to destroy  the image and integrity they have build for years as election collation officers in all the states of the federation. There should be a dramatic turnarround and practical improvement in our economy. On the other hand, all elected   officers should have known by now that Nigerians know who performs in governance and who is not performing. They are waiting for another four years to determine who comes back through their votes.


It still beats my imagination that in this twenty-first century, politicians can still be so naive and myopic to think that local popularity in little villages and towns invariably transcends to national acceptance and credibility. The senseless destruction of sacred lives and churches in some states in Northern Nigeria   as a result of the presidential election held on the 16th of April, 2011 is very unfortunate, satanic, barbaric and primitive.

Whoever that was involved either actively   or covertly must not think that God keeps quiet forever. He is indeed a God of justice and fair play. I once again appeal to our dear president,  Dr Good luck Jonathan. To ensure that the outcome and recommendations of the post-election violence investigation panel recently inaugurated must be implemented to the letters. Let this not be like those previous commissions set up by the federal Government whose reports and recommendations did not see the light of the day. Christians and other ethnic nationalities in this country are watching keenly.

Silence does not in anyway suggest incapacitation and weakness. Destroying the lives of young Nigerians who went to render service to our fatherland is grossly unacceptable. Why should a particular ethnic group feel free and safe to live in any part of Nigeria, while others are always living in fear in their (formers) locality­? I pray that the good Lord will grant the parents, Spouses, children and siblings of the gruesomely murdered youth coppers the grace and fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.


Sometime last year, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), mallam Sanusi took the bull by the horns by stating clearly that the salary and emoluments of the National Assembly is dangerously eating corrosively deep into our country's treasury. The members of the National Assembly in their characteristic manner raised the sledge hammer and unbridled tongues calling for his crucifixion. But the question is ”Why should a member of the House of representatives, or a senator go home with between ten million naira (#10m), and twenty-four million naira (#24m) monthly as personal salary, allowances and entitlements whereas other Nigerians are wallowing in abject poverty? How much dose a university professor, consultant physician, chartered Accountant etc go home with at the end of the month? Can anybody explain convincingly to Nigerians why a National Assembly member who lives in legislators quarters built by government be paid accommodation allowances, wardrobe allowance, sitting allowance, and even inconveniences allowance? Why should a Speaker of the House of Representatives go to the airport to board a flight with over fifteen brand new cars following him as convoy without   occupants except the drivers?

I passionately appeal to Mr. President to brace up to this challenge, and drastically review downwardly   the salaries and emoluments of the lawmakers. This will raise dust from them but Nigerians will stand with you sir. Why should a national law maker go home with more than a million naira (#1m) every month?

The time to save Nigeria and Nigerians from economic prodigality, injustice and deprivation is now. Furthermore, the number of personal aides attached to political office holders and appointees should also be meaningfully trimmed down.

Yours Faithfully,

Rt. Rev'd. E.O Ikeakor JP.

Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Amichi