News » Help is coming-Bishop Ikeakor

Wed Apr 01 2020 -

Christians all over the world have been told not to lose hope in the face of the current global crisis because help is coming.

Bishop Ikeakor made this assertion today in a live ministration of the April Prayer Breakfast stream across social media platforms. According to him, for a long time the world had reposed confidence in technological advances, medical sciences, military might and other forms of human efforts in solving humanity's many problems.

          The Rt. Rev'd. Ephraim O. Ikeakor

However, as laudable as these efforts are, they have proved grossly insufficient in the battle to contain the current coronavirus pandemic.

“This is the time to shift ground from the natural to the supernatural. Where the natural has failed, the supernatural does not fail”, he said.

Bishop Ikeakor called on all the people to put themselves in a position where they will be able to receive divine help and miracle from God in the face of the current crisis.

“For you to receive special miracles from God, you must pursue righteousness and make yourself available to God. At a time when everywhere is locked down with economic recession setting in, entrepreneurs are not sure where recovery will come from, there is fear in the land but the power of the almighty God will bring us through.”

In his message titled “How can this be?” Bishop Ikeakor emphasized the place of favour in coping with the challenges of life. “Favour is what brings an unusual miracle. It is favour that gives you what your qualifications and human strength cannot afford. The mercy and favour of God are coming. Don't lose hope. This is the time we need unwavering faith in God. Fear is antithetical to faith. It is the devil's most potent weapon in destroying humanity.

Citing the story of the Virgin Mary in Luke 1 who was troubled at the appearing of the Angel, Bishop Ikeakor said that God's word for every frightening situation remains “Fear not”.   

“The world is afraid of Covid-19 because we have put our confidence in the developed world but unfortunately they have become the first and the worst victims of the pandemic. This is why the world is crippled by fear. However, as in the case of Mary, what brought her miracle was the power of the highest. In the same way, the power of the Highest will come upon you and bring about a turnaround in your situation.”

Bishop Ikeakor used the opportunity to pray for divine security on the people against the raging pandemic and other challenges of life.