Nigerians have been called upon to demonstrate patient understanding with President Good luck Jonathan.

This call was made by Rt Revd. Ephraim Ikeakor, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Amichi while speaking to journalist in his office. The Bishop was speaking against the backdrop of the recently suspended nation-wide protests that trailed the removal of fuel subsidy.

While commending the government and labour for the mature and timely resolution of the impasse, Bishop Ikeakor opined that Nigerians are not being realistic in expecting President Jonathan to provide solution to all the nation's problems within so short a period of time. According to him, solving the nation's problem with one wave of hand will amount to magic and President Jonathan is not known to be a magician.

While regretting the losses incurred by the nation and individuals during the avoidable protest, Bishop Ikeakor condemned the hasty attitude of Nigerians urging them to be patient.

‘'I advice Nigerians to cultivate the culture of patience. We are always in haste. This President was inaugurated on 29th may 2011, which is barely seven months in office but we want him to perform magic and change everything over night. Let us be patient with this man”.

The Bishop observed that the level of transparency demonstrated so far by the President demands that Nigerians should give him chance to do his job.

Speaking further, Bishop Ikeakor called on Nigerians to learn to adjust whenever it becomes necessary to do so. ‘'We should learn to adjust and make sacrifices. Remember that some years ago, we made a mockery of Ghanaians and chased them away from Nigeria. They went home and saw the challenges and decided to sacrifice for their country. Today, Nigerians are running to Ghana. The best universities in Africa are found in Ghana.  If you want the best educational system, go to Ghana. They achieved such feat because they were prepared to co-operate with their government and made sacrifices''. He said.

While granting the people's right to protest, the Bishop regretted that the protest was largely hijacked by the opposition and ill minded people to ferment trouble.

‘'labour did a decent protest. They dressed nicely and carried placards. That's labour for you. But go to Ojota, where you have about 10,000 people converging every day. If they were protesting hardship, who was paying those musicians? Who paid the comedians? Why are you celebrating when you are complaining of hardship?” The Bishop queried.

‘'That shows you that some people hijacked and sponsored the protest. It is a shame. People are saying things are hard in our country and they are bringing musicians and comedians, dancing and chatting.What are we really telling the world? Are we not foolish?”

Bishop Ikeakor dismissed insinuation in some quarters that not naming the cabal that hijacked the oil sector shows that President Good luck Jonathan is not transparent.

According to him, “governance is more of science than art. You should put one and two together before you strike. If not, you will fight an inside battle. Don't forget, this cabal has brothers and sisters in the cabinet. He must therefore be very meticulous in dealing with them. He must have his facts completely provable and devoid of loopholes''. He stated.