Clergymen have been called upon to recognize God's grace as the key to a glorious ministry. This call was made by Bro.Gbile Akanni at the conference of all the clergymen in the Anglican provinces East of the Niger.

According to Bro Akanni, only clergymen who have come to terms with the reality and depth of God's Grace upon their lives will be properly positioned to discharge the priestly responsibilities. Taking the text of his exposition from Romans 1:1, Bro Akanni stated that God discarded the Jews in order to bring In the Gentiles into this plan of salvation not because they were qualified but it was an act of mercy.

The Apostle therefore was appealing to the church in Rome to reciprocate God's love and mercy on them by yielding their lives to him. In the same way, he contended that as clergymen in this dispensation- people who were called not by qualification but on the basis of grace, the only reasonable thing to do is to completely surrender their lives to him. He charged clergymen to be conscious of their position in the programmer and agenda of God noting that “the man in the altar determines God's direction for a people at any particular point in time”. He buttressed his point by referring to the situation in Shiloh when God withdrew in the tenure of Eli only to re-appear when Samuel became his priest and prophet.


Speaking further, Bro Akanni declared those clergymen who worry about posting, preferment and gains have not offered their lives to God. He stressed that when people serve for fear or for gain, such service is not acceptable to God. According to him, “God has not accepted ministry from any man whom he has not accepted as a living sacrifice”. According to Bro Akanni, before any man can engage in any meaningful ministry, there is a devotion God is demanding. A devotion to such a degree that worldly thought, aspiration and personal agenda are dead. He warned that the world does not cherish this kind of agenda hence the conflict between godliness and worldliness.