A crucial meeting of all the financial officers with the bishop in the Diocese of Amichi has been held.

The meeting which involved the Bishop, clergymen and church teachers with their wives, treasures and financial Secretaries from all the parishes across the Anglican Diocese of Amichi was held at St. Stephen's Church, Osumenyi  principally to keep the workers abreast of financial and work regulations in the Diocese.

Addressing the gathering, the Bishop, Rt. Rev'd E.O Ikeakor JP charged them to always strive to earn God's testimony on their lives.

Citing the story of Jesus' baptism in matt 3:13-17, the Bishop pointed out that Jesus was not the only candidate that was baptized on the day. However, he was the only one on whose account God uttered his voice. God introduced Jesus as ‘'his beloved son in whom He was well pleased''. The Bishop urged the congregation to live their lives in uprightness not minding what people say. He warned Christians to beware of Sycophants and praise singers who would mislead them by not telling them the truth about their lives.

Jesus, according to Bishop Ikeakor was well pleasing unto God because the will of God was very central to his life. He sought for and did what pleased God. The Bishop challenged the gathering to live and conduct their activities in the light of such examples.

Presenting a paper titled ‘'Financial probity, a challenging task of all the financial officers of all organizations, churches, parishes, Archdeaconries and the Diocese as a whole'', the Diocesan Accountant, Mr. Chidozie Ozodo insisted that strict procedures should be followed in the handing of church finances.

According to Mr. Ozodo, adherence to procedures promotes transparency and integrity. ‘'when a person or a fiancé officer approves, authorizes, pays and at the same time effects the application of such fund, the chances of fraudulent practice are  increased''.

The accountant enjoined all church workers and financial officers to always make the Diocesan works/financial Regulations their close companion in order to be properly guided.

In the interactive session that followed, the Bishop Rt. E.O.Ikeakor warned that hard times await any church worker who does not work in strict compliance to the stipulated principles of managing church resources.

He frowned at the situation where some churches have become perpetual debtors of assessment even when evidences abound that sufficient funds were being raised in such churches. He described it as the height of insincerity a situation where church workers are more interested in local expenses instead of their monthly stipends.

The Bishop warned that if such situation continues, church workers who are transferred may begin to forfeit unpaid stipends. He concluded.