A cleric and the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Isiukwuato/ Umunneochi  has described as Romish the practice of praying for the dead at funerals or any other place.

Bishop Chukwuka made this declaration during the interactive session at the just concluded all clergy Conference of all the Anglican Provinces East of the Niger held at the Scripture Union camp of faith, Okigwe.

According to Bishop Chukwuka, any liturgy that approves or prescribes prayers for the dead should be discarded and not to be used by any Anglican priest. He warned clergymen to always remember that God will hold them accountable for what they teach and practice.

 Reacting further to the allusion made by a clergyman to the effect that the liturgy for burial in some  places still contain some elements of prayers for the dead, Bishop Chukwuka declared that ‘'the first allegiance  of every clergyman is to God – upholding the authority of the scripture before the Bishop or the Liturgy''. He stressed that those who indulge in such practices on the grounds of canonical obedience should know that their eternal destiny is in their hands.

The Bishop insisted that what the Anglican clergymen swear to during ordination is the 1662 edition of the Book of Common Prayer which does not have anything in it that approves praying for the dead.

 Citing article 22 of the Articles of Religion, the Bishop contended that there is no room for such a practice in the Anglican Communion ‘'the Romish Doctrine concerning purgatory, pardons, worshipping and adorations as well as of images as of Relinques and also invocation of saints is a fond thing vainly invented and grounded upon no warranty of scripture, but rather repugnant to the word of God''.

Bishop Chukwuka charged clergyman to be bold to stand up to any instruction from any authority to engage in practices or doctrines that are unbiblical. He said that in doing so, they are covered under article 21 of the Articles of Region which states that the decree of the general council should be disregarded as long as it runs country to the Holy Scriptures.   He said.