News » Palm Sunday: Shun Fear and focus on eternity-Bishop Ikeakor


The Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Amichi, His Lordship The Rt. Rev'd. Ephraim Okechukwu Ikeakor has called on Nigerians to shun the fear of temporal tragedies that befall humanity and focus on things that determine their eternal destiny.

                                    RT. REV'D. EPHRAIM IKEAKOR

Bishop Ikeakor made this call in his live webcast to commemorate the 2020 Palm Sunday. “Palm Sunday is the beginning of the Passion Week. It is the last lap of the journey of our lord Jesus Christ. It tells us of hope of victory. It reminds us that what we fear now was overcome by Jesus.”

Speaking against the backdrop of the fear that has gripped humanity over the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic, Bishop Ikeakor said that the fear of the pandemic has stifled life out of the whole world.

Speaking on the topic more than pandemic, cleric said that many people will eventually die out of fear and not really as a result of the infection. He remarked that fear is the devil's choicest instrument in dealing with humanity.

“This is not the first pandemic the world is experiencing. Why is this one causing so much panic? This is Satan's strategy. Fear fills the earth. Of course the media is not helping matters. They keep telling us thousands of death but little or no information on survivors.”  

“The world is shutdown because of Covid-19 but there are three things that are more dangerous than Covid-19. The wrath of God is more dangerous than Covid-19. The judgment of God is more devastating than Covid-19. Hell fire is the greatest calamity that can befall any man. Yet these are issues humanity has not given attention to.”

Bishop Ikeakor said that whereas the fear of the pandemic has altered people's routines and way of life, the weightier issues of eternal destiny has not attracted as much attention from individuals. He reminded that with or without the pandemic, death will eventually come when it would but the question is what eternity holds for individuals.

Bishop Ikeakor likened the fear of Covid-19 as one running away from scorpion and running into hungry lions.

“Are you aware that poverty kills people all over the world more than Covid-19.” He queried.  “Hunger is still killing more than Covid-19 has killed.” He said.

Bishop Ikeakor stressed the need for people not to postpone decisions that will determine their eternal destiny because according to him, hell fire is real, hell fire is full of torture, and hell fire is irreversible. It is not the invention of your religious group. It is God's design to punish the rebellious.

According to Bishop Ikeakor, “the question that should be paramount on the minds of people is how to escape the judgment of God, the wrath of God and hell fire. Very soon, Covid-19 will go then what next? People will forget the fear and continue in their rebellious ways forgetting that what is more than pandemic lies ahead.”

He called on the people to fear God and live their lives to please Him.