Character molders and care givers have been challenged to brace up to their responsibilities as it concerns upbringing of children of nowadays. They have also been told to leave no stone unturned towards actualization of the goal if future generations would be beneficial and responsible citizens in their time.                                    

 Making the challenge at Amichi during the official dedication ceremony of  the new vicarage  of the Cathedral Church of St. Andrew, Amichi, Bishop Ikeakor  regretted that the type of  children being raised in the society have left much to be desired, due to reproachable mentality. He called for synergy among the people of God towards contributing for God's works in their various parishes. He  said that if every member of Amichi diocese is contributing towards the actualization of the church's aims and objectives, which among others, include propagation of the gospel of Christ, the Cathedral church of St Andrew's parish would not have been in its present deplorable state .

 He continued that both the clergy and the laity, especially parents and guardians, should desist from misinforming and misdirecting their children/wards towards assisting in building the church, preaching that by so doing, they are attracting both God's favour and blessings to themselves. Bishop Ikeakor added that everybody, irrespective of his/her callings or status should give account of his stewardship on the last day.

According to Bishop ikeakor, the wisdom that was exhibited by Isaac, when his father Abraham told him that God would provide the lamb for the offering, he said that the little boy Isaac did not object to his father's answer. He said that if it were today's children they will not even hearken to their fathers' advice, but they would even fight their parents. Bishop Ikeakor said that what surprised him was Isaac's reaction when his father bound him and was about to slay him for offering. Isaac kept quiet and had no objections to the divine instruction.

He therefore stressed that if today's Christians have the type of faith Abraham had, the body of Christ would be free from every man made problem.  According to Bishop Ikeakor, the type of faith majority of Christians have in recent times is nothing to write home about  compared to the unquestionable faith and obedience Abraham and his son, Isaac possessed. He therefore wanted Christians to have the type of faith Abraham exhibited.

Bishop Ikeakor also used the occasion of the dedication of the vicarage to appreciate every contribution both financial, material and advocacy that was made by individuals and groups towards the completion of the vicarage.

Meanwhile, the bishop offered special prayer for those who live in the vicarage, just as he prayed God to grant understanding and love among the people in the body of Christ in the diocese.